UO Summer Session

Visiting Students, summer only

“Can I learn a language?”
“I really want to learn about (fill in the blank). Should I take a class?”
“I wish I had studied (fill in the blank) when I was a student. Is it too late?”
“What if _____?”

Make this the summer you follow the path of your “What if?”

A visiting or non-admitted student is any student taking or auditing a credit class who is not currently admitted as a degree-seeking University of Oregon student. There is no application fee to attend Summer Session.

Staff rates are available for qualifying staff and faculty. Contact Human Resources to confirm eligibility and apply for staff tuition rates.


  1. Fill out registration eligibility form on the summer session website, available in late February.
  2. In late April the Office of the Registrar will mail you your UO ID number and PAC code (they will be the same numbers you may have already received or used previously if you have ever taken a class.)
  3. Register for classes beginning on Friday, May 12.

Interested in taking a class during fall, winter, or spring term? Visit the Community Education Program website.